One of my best friends turned me onto yoga. 6 months later, she suffered a brain injury. I made a commitment teach her yoga, & meditation — to return the favor she had done for me & introducing me to yoga.

so that she could heal, like I had been able to heal — like we all have used yoga — to heal.

This blog is dedicated to Being Present, & having Reverence for the sacredness that is all of life.

It is dedicated to the complete study of yogic science. implementing teachings from hindu tantra, tibetan buddhist tantra, taoism, zen, sufism, christian mysticism, & shamanic practices from all over the globe.

“yoga is not a religion, but the science of religion.” — B.K.S. Iyengar

The alchemists, saints, mystics, & shamans who came before us, can also be considered — scientists of the right side of the brain — the intuitive side of our being. This blog will unearth the ancient practices of movement, breath, and philosophy of these ancient traditions to show what happens when certain breathing techniques, when practiced effectively; affect our ways of perceiving, sensing, feeling & healing — ourselves and the world around us.

Peace Be With You,

DJ Shams & Tabrizi