Playces Episode 3: andhim DJ set in Big Sur, California

The German dude DJ duo, andhim, put together a mighty fine mix! It’s not very often that you catch yourself groovin’ to an entire mix, but their backdrop of Big Sur — and it’s emerald green rolling hills — have grabbed my attention, and ears! A DJ setup, speakers, and a few craft beers, are all these guys need to meld their German house into something that will have you tapping your feet, and shaking your rump into the California sunset.

This is for all my yoga teacher friends: If you hear a track you really like – my fave are the first three tracks – just copy the titles and put them into the search engine over at Beatport, Traxsource, Juno Download, etc. I know there are other streaming services out there (cough Spotify) where you can stream these tracks for the cost of your monthly, but there is something really incredible about building your own musical database.

The energy transfer involved between handing over your hard earned cash, so that you can impress your students with your German house music taste, and supporting the artists so they can keep on creating — is something that (on a subtler level) has energetic reverberations that last long after the initial purchase.

It’s teachers supporting artists, & artists supporting teachers. It’s about having a choice. The choice to vote with your money. I would like more yoga, music & art in the world. So I choose to invest my hard earned money in creating that future. A future where the artists are supported to keep on creating, and I get to keep listening — and filling my yoga classes with an energy, that, on a subtler vibration — money could never buy.


[00:0006:20] The Cyclist – Pressing Matters (Robags Pinvoldex Sull Nb)

[06:2011:00] Ponty Mython – Slippin into Darkness

[11:0016:00] Roosevelt – Moving On (andhim Remix)

[16:0021:45] Tuff City Kids – R-Mancer (Roman Flügel Happy Gerdy Remix)

[21:4525:30] Matthias Tanzmann – Coffee Clouds (andhim Remix)

[30:4034:30] Justus Köhncke – Was ist Musik (Wassermann Acid Mix 2)

[34:3038:30] Joseph Ashworth – Sienna

[38:3043:15] Becker, D-Nox – Second Sun

[49:0054:11] andhim – German Winter







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